Community Support Groups

Cancer Support

Support, connect and educate cancer patients.


Funeral Help

Full help with arrangement for funeral services, puja and later help.

Click here to view: Guide to Hindu Funeral contact:

Hospital Help

Visit and support patients int the hospitals.


Matrimonial Help

Confidentially and discretely connect men/women and families for marriage.

Download the matrimonial application.


Medicare/Medicaid Help

Advice and help in choosing and applying the right program.

Click here to view: Medicare Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view: Prescription Medication Frequently Asked Questions contact:

New Comers Help

Help finding community connections, schools and housing etc.


Senior Help

Help with transport, food, visiting prevent senior abuse, buddy system


Tax Help

Certified tax experts will help you file taxes with out charges. Retired and Senior people can check out the sites where they can get help with the tax return.

Please click here: RSVP Free Tax Preparation sites. contact:

Teenage, Marriage & Family Issues

Help teenage children and parents, marriage problems, alcohol and drugs.


Voice of India

Aim of the committee is “To inform the public on the facts and highlight the fake news about India and its government in US media”.


Disaster Relief

Mission: The Disaster Relief Committee of TAHT strives to complement, restore and strengthen our community and governments’’ ability to plan for recovery by engaging the volunteers, donors,

and partners to bring relief to the disaster victims. Vision: The Disaster Relief Committee of TAHT would like to mobilize its volunteers and donors in a timely manner to help victims and families in their time of need. Volunteer Registration We would be grateful if you would continue your generous support to our organization by contributing to our Disaster Relief fund. Click here to Donate! contact

To get help or to volunteer:

Contact the email address of the sub-committee or send mail to


or Call: (919) 208-0695