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Guide to Hindu Funeral

Full help with arrangement for funeral services, puja and later help.


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Advice and Help in choosing and applying the right program.


Medicare Help

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Prescription Medication Frequently Asked Questions.


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Certified tax experts will help you file taxes with out charges. 


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About Us

Triangle Area Hindu Temples have joined hands together to serve Asian Indian community as well as the Non-Indian community. 

Triangle Area Hindu Temples (TAHT) have organized several activities in the past such as, Blood Donation Drives, Kite Flying festivals, Health Fairs and Kids Summit. We are proud to continue our services to the local community which was well received and accepted by one and all.

Executive Committee

Founder Members:

Mr. Bhaskar Venepalli, Chairman
Mr. Kanu Patel, Vice-Chairman
Mr. Prakash Devalapalli, Co-Chairman
Mr. Akshat Patel
Mr. Prashant Sonker

Ms. Deepika Malle

Ms. Anu Virkar

Joint Treasurer:
Mr. Deep Patel

Dr. Nailesh Dave
Dr. Jaylan Parikh
Mr. Prasad Vanguri
Mr. Bhaskar Venepalli