About Us

The mission of the Triangle Area Hindu Temples ( HSNC, SV Temple) is

  • To solidify individual resources for the community service activities such as blood drive, kite flying festival, health fair, and kids summit. Thus bringing the entire Indian community under one roof.
  • Complement each temple/organization by mutual publicity of events for better coordination.

Each temple will host one event per year with the help of the other two temples.

The events are conducted to address the welfare and humanitarian needs of the society. All the funds for the event are raised via donations and will be expensed back by the hosting temple to avoid any financial burden to the hosting temple. In case of a short fall in any event all 3 temples will share the difference equally.

TAHT committee is formed with a total of 9 positions.
It consists of 3 permanent Founder members, who have been instrumental to the formation of this group. These 3 member group will help the rest of the committee members to direct, safeguard and follow the mission of TAHT, as explained above. Every temple (HSNC, SVT) will be represented by 2 board members each, who will be nominated by the temple at the beginning of the year.